We have surpassed 1,750!

  • Update #8

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach 1,750+ signatures! The goal has been raised to 2,000 and I know with your help we can reach this. The more signatures we have the louder a voice we can have for Dave!

T-Shirt Campaign Now Underway!

  • Update #7

In order to help defer expenses for David's family - please visit our page, Justice for David T-Shirt Fundraiser, and order your t-shirt - we have a goal of 50, please help us surpass that! Thank you again for your support!

Goal increased to 1750!

  • Update #6

Please share with everyone you know, even if they do not have a Facebook page you can email them the link to have them sign. I want to thank everyone who has signed and shared it for others to sign.

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