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Arif Sayed

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Bring An End To The Violence Between Israel And Gaza

All this bloodshed must end!!! Occupation must end!! Children on both sides have an inherent and god given right to grow up in a peacefull , free and loving world!!! Whether its a Jew or Christian or muslim does not matter.. what matters are that all people are free.. free to live.. free to choose..... Join me in trying to stop this senseless killings in Gaza .. or in Israel!!! violence will only cause misery, resentment, destruction and a deepening of hate!!! Lets tell all the governments to talk.. Talk Peace ... NOW !!!

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Mishal Maan

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Bring An End To The Violence Between Israel And Gaza

How can you or any government in the world justify a war by the murder of innocents? How can brutality and inhumane torture ever stop bloodshed or settle peace between two states? For how long can we pretend that we don't exist and are completely unaware of regular bombings on Syria by Israeli government? For how long can we shut are ears and eyes to this insanity and injustice? We don't have to be Muslims to stand up against the killings of innocents, we only have to be a HUMAN. Syrians don't need our verbal sympathies.They need our practical help.They need YOU to sign this petition and bring an end to this war. Please play your part and share this cause.

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