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Get Facebook To Remove The Group, A Bullet For Every Wolf

Anyone who talks the talk about loving/caring for ALL the living beings on this earth .... and calls themselves a friend of the earth .. and myself . .should have no problem signing this. AND the fact that Facebook even allows a page like this proves that ALL they really care about is numbers ... no matter how disgusting and vile much of their 'numbers' really are. The great wolf has been used by humanity for over 10,000 years to guard and protect his families, homes, and property . .as companion and guide ... and as breeding stock to eventually create each and every breed of modern domestic dog ... whom he has the nerve to call his 'best friend'. Wolf is also my spirit guide and walks with me on my journey. I will fight to my last breath ... and beyond to defend his honor and rightful place on this earth .. be damned the livestock that MAN created by genetic manipulation of nature . .and then moved onto the wolf's land to raise them for the human animal's consumption exclusively. If you are squatting on wolf's range and feeding your animals and family from nature's bounty . .then a couple animals a year loss to the wolves should be considered a fair rental paid for the use of THEIR LAND. I am of the opinion that open season should be allowed on any and all animal killers ... regardless of the 'excuse' they use for their murder rampages.

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