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Outlaw The United Nations In U.S. Sovereign Territory

One Nation Eleminated Pregnacys having birth control family size limit! That Sin Aginst God Law to terminate a Pregnacy to abort it becuse they failed in the family size limit ! God has all the awnsers for every situation and to act as God Above God law is what Satan Did when God seen he was full of Violence and kicked him out of the Heavens ! Thou Shalt not kill Also Applied to everyone King/ Ruler/ over the People of God All People Belong to God ! We are all gates and everlasting doors ! Are the Sheep of his Pasture ! Were to Give an Account for them ! Gods word is of know private interpretations ! Thereof We should not have a United Nation to rule over the Nations ! All Nations aren't in one accord all speaking the somethings in one accord ! Where there is strife and every their is every evil work ! Just look at Islam their following after Satan as tare Devil sown among the wheat ! idol worshipers of Satan! God chose Issac line to send Christ through inheritance descendant of the promises shall be saved be by faith through grace to as many as will receive him to them gave he the power to become the sons of God . Pharaohs Daughter Hagar Son Ismael Married a women from Egypt and liven in Panram ! Muslims, Palestine, Hamas, Jadist, all need to go back across Jordan and live And bless Israel with Peace for their Service of Obedience to God having Receive their Blessing's of edification up love, into Good ,Just , Holy, healthy living Kosher Blessing Obedience provides for , Prosperity, in Obedience to keeping the Dietary Laws Leviticus 11 for Clean and Unclean Blessing or Cursing for Breaking these Laws or God or Keeping the Laws God set over us life and death Blessing And Cursing Choose this day whom you will serve ! Gods word said, God is love, whosoever abides in love Knows God, whosoever says he loves God who he hath not seen & hate's his brother whom he hate seen is a liar and the truth is not in him ! Who can say I am without sin among you, OR who can say I have made my heart clean! If you eye is dark how great is that darkness ! if your eye is single your whole body will be full of light! whoso ever does Gods will comes to the light to make known his deeds are wrot in God ! Israel lite Complexion race of people, looking like Caucasians race even the naughty fig of Israel that intermarried with Canaan Jews Complexions look to me to be lighter in appearance Issac line Jesus Came through ! Ismael Egyptian Muslims, Blackmans, Korean , Chinese , japan dark skin races line in bondage with their children even unto today ! Ismael line God did not give the inheritance descendant's Promise Line to be called through, but in Issac Sarah Son line the inheritance descendant will be called through ! Those who are in bondage with their Children even unto today ! But all the Muslims race are dark skinned God Lights our eyes, so we see what manner of men we are Rebellion Told off on them by their skin Color being Dark ! Rod Pride of their Wrath Typical Blackman eat Bacon, Pig, Hog unkosher Reneger lose the Unkohser Food intake might help to change your wrath temperament A gift the bosom appeases strong wrath ! By washing your hands home is where the heart is I love you ! God Bless Israel ! Yours is where your Belly's at temper tantrum cry baby ! wa wa wa ! God has only plan given under the heavens where by man must be saved it Jesus Christ ! The infilling of the Holy Ghost is the Earnestness of our inheritance to those who have been Born again ! God is able to establish and settle us in the faith and to every good work ! We are a Jew in the heart that's in Christ !

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