As an American citizen, I shouldn't have to feel stranded by my government, or foundations who are disconnected for one another, and who are disinterested in my, or my wife's, personal health issues. It is a moral imperative to see that a fellow American, and a fellow human being, are AT LEAST directed to sources that may be able to help. As a U.S. Navy veteran of Desert Storm, and six years of faithful service to my country and its citizens, I am shocked and appalled that the U.S. Embassy in Malaysia can be run so poorly. To such an extent that my wife and I are STILL without any guidance or assistance as to how to follow through on legal matters, or her rapidly worsening health condition. The insult to the injury, and indignity, we have had to face with no response to any of our requests for aid, is intolerable and unacceptable. And WE DEMAND answers. And WE DEMAND corrective action against various agencies, both here and in the U.S., or not seeing that the proper actions are carried forth concerning my well being, or that of my sick wife. Did I give up my rights as a U.S. citizen when I flew over here to start a life with my wife? Is she to expect that the United States government is even less modernized and capable of caring than she has experienced for most of her life in this region? Is cancer something believed to have an indefinite "shelf life"? And are the hosts seen to be unimportant to the point that they should not be cared for in a timely manner, and with the best possible care available? Animals are treated better here than we have been in the eight months we have been dealing with the atrocious conditions of this third world country. President Obama was here in Malaysia recently. Did he happen to think it important at all to have someone check up on the Embassy here? If he, or his assistants, aren't aware of the conduct of HIS embassy's personnel, then maybe he should be less concerned with being The Most Entertaining President of All Time, and be THE BEST LEADER HE CAN BE WHILST SERVING IN SUCH A CAPACITY!!!! I wasn't impressed with him from the start of his "career". I have even less reason to believe he should even remain in office. He should resign this instant. Disgusting.

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