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Stop the Japenese Dolphin Slaughter

Many people may be ignorant to this topic, but the Dolphin Slaughter exists. So let's try to stop it.

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    I would describe myself as a passionate person who has a real problem with the way animals are…Read More

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Makoi Anderson
Makoi Anderson Campaign leader

This is an informative article on a wonderful website. In this article, you can see how many dolphins have been culled, captured and…Read More

Blog: COVE REPORT – September though December 2014 |

COVE REPORT – September though December 2014 January 6, 2015 by Mark Palmer, Save Japan Dolphins Compiled by Laura Bridgeman & Mark J. Palmer Save Japan Dolphins Campaign Earth Island Institute TOTALS FOR SEASON, Year to Date (Sept. 1 through end of December 2014): 367 dolphins slaughtered (Risso’s dolphins, pilot whales,…Read More