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Having lived half of my life in China, I had never owned a pet of any kind. No money, no time, no place, no need or reason either. To most Chinese, owning a pet is either a practical necessity (like farms' dogs as a gate-watcher or poultry guard), or a symbol of being rich. Well, I was neither a farmer nor a rich-bitch (LOL)! I didn't even know that one could own a pet for the sake of the animal itself. Until I got married. My husband opened the door to the animal kingdom for me, who has never been through one single day in his life without owning one kind of pet or another, cats, dogs (at one point, he owned 9 dogs), birds, fish, hamsters (the kind of animal that creeps me out, so no no!), ... you name it! He says he can never fathom a life without the touch and company of animals. In fact, he gets along with animals better than he does with human. We dont have children together, but we own 4 cats (all adopted or rescued), and feeding half dozen stray cats (birds too and other uninvited wild animals) on the porch, in the back yard. So when our marriage hit the rock bottom and i was considering moving out, the thoughts of leaving my cats behind was just unbearable! It's like abandoning my own children. That would be inhumane and (to me) a horrible crime! If and when financially capable, I'd love to adopt one (or as many as possible) dogs. That would be a perfect life in a perfect world for me! I pray God to help me to achieve this goal. Thank you for keeping me in the loop with this noble endeavor. Taking care of little animals gives meaning to my childless life. It brings out the best in me!!! May God bless all animal lovers!!!

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