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I have been investigating  the corruption in CPS  and Juvenile Courts especially the federal crime called Kids for Cash before our daughters were removed from our home. I have contacted people,  agencies,  and organizations who had information about what happened in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with Kids for Cash crime and other states who found corruption in their CPS  and Juvenile Courts . A law professor from Georgetown University looked at what I had found in Kansas with Kids for Cash. She believes it is happening throughout the US. Dr. Gina Loudon sent me an article about Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act(CAPTA) . It explained states are violating CAPTA to gain the most federal money by targeting children who are low income and/or  have special needs. 

Here are issues which are happening to children and families in Kansas:

1. Children who are low income and/or with special needs targeted by DCF for federal funds. Most of the children will not go home. 

2. Children who are really being abused are either being rescued by law enforcement or killed by their abusers. These children do not have special needs. DCF knew about the abuse and the abuse was life threatening and had evidence.

3.DCF gets life insurance on the children in state custody. Too many children die in state custody which are not from genetic disease or chronic illness- accidents,  murder,  and medical neglect. Are children worth more dead than alive? 

4. Sedgwick County DA’s office was investigated for tampering with court reports and evidence. Here are two articles in the Wichita Eagle which talks about the investigation:

a.Child Welfare No Place for Bullying 9/1/09

b.Audit Says Few Social Workers Pressured 8/29/09

5. DCF and Sedgwick County Juvenile Court investigated. Full report has not been released. 

6. Foster and kinship parents are not trained on how to care for children with special needs. 

7. DCF  placing children with abusers and have reports from social workers that children are not safe in the home and/ or with the person. 

8. Governor Sam Brownback knows DCF is violating Religious Freedom/Rights and has ignored it. He talks about other elected people doing the same violations. He is the head of DCF.

I am hoping Kansas will be investigated by federal authorities and/or agencies  like Juvenile Law Center. The children and future of the USA  is at stake. 

Our family update 

I am working on motions for district and appeals court about Religious Rights violations and not given document about appealing your case.  I have filed international and federal complaints on Religious Freedom violations. US Secretary of State John Kerry is to be monitoring other countries for Religious Freedom violations for the United Nations. How can the US  monitor other countries when states are violating Religious Freedom and federal government is not stopping the violations?

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