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Educate European cultures about First Nations cultures.

The Negative impact of racial stereotypes has led to misrepresentation of Cultural principles and practices

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precedent setting stuff.

Supreme Court expands land-title rights in unanimous ruling

The Globe and Mail
The Supreme Court of Canada has put aboriginals on a new footing in a landmark ruling that has huge implications for natural-resource industries across the country. Aboriginal communities gain important new economic assets, and powerful leverage over development by outsiders, but not a veto. In what legal observers called the most important…Read More
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First Peoples Historical Overview

first peoples before european contact Canada's First Nations: An Introduction Canada's First Nations have been in the country we now call Canada for at least 12,000 years, perhaps much longer. For almost all that time, they survived very well in a harsh environment, making everything they needed without polluting the water, or…Read More
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Its important to recognize First Nations Nationally.

National Aboriginal Day 2014

Canada's First Nations observe the start of National Aboriginal Day on June 21st with a sunrise ceremony, one of the most ancient and revered rituals practiced today. (Ken Gigliotti/The Canadian Press) June 21 marks National Aboriginal Day, an opportunity for Canadians to celebrate the many achievements of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people,…Read More