Orange for Animal Cruelty Awareness wants to

Stop the Yulin Dog Slaughter

The annual festival, on June 21 involves eating dog meat hotpot and lychees and drinking liquor on the summer solstice.

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If the WORLD unites and makes a stand and demands that this festival be banned, many innocent lives can be saved,. ALL life is worth fighting for!  It is a disgrace to permit the cruelty and barbaric torture of man's best friend, and all animals --let's get more people to start caring instead of ignoring and turning away. SILENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER - TAKING ACTION IS.

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Animals Asia founder and CEO Jill Robinson said: "There is a strong hint that the local authorities see the dog festival as more harmful than beneficial to Yulin.  We've long argued that any short-term boost to traders will be small in comparison to the long-term international damage. We also know that for a country increasingly concerned with food safety - dog eating is a big problem.  It's an…

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Orange for Animal Cruelty Awareness

One restaurant in Pan Yu district, even has a cat SHELTER in their back yard. Yes a SHELTER that is overseen by authorities that knows…Read More

Sign the Petition to President Truong Tang Sang - MOJ & Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra · Stop Dog and Cat Meat Smugglers From Thailand - Vietnam

Every year, hundreds of thousands of pets are snatched in Thailand, then smuggled into Vietnam, destined for Hanoi's top restaurants and street stalls. Demand for dogmeat is so high that supply has become a highly lucrative – and brutal – black market. Time has come for this to end. President Truong Tang Sang & Prime Minister Yingluck…Read More
Orange for Animal Cruelty Awareness

A charity is making an urgent appeal to raise funds in its mission to rescue dogs from slaughter in Korea. PLEASE SHARE THIS NEWS!

Large Numbers of Dogs Threatened by Summer Festival “Boknal” in Korea

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#Bandogmeat Seeks to End the Needless Suffering of Millions of Animals Chicago, IL / ACCESSWIRE / August 15, 2014 / A charity is making an urgent appeal to raise funds in its mission to rescue dogs from slaughter in Korea. #Bandogmeat is a group of three volunteer campaigners who manage two websites - one for raising awareness of the dog meat…Read More
Orange for Animal Cruelty Awareness

CAUGHT ON TAPE! Watch a footage of this incident and read the original story in Chinese (use google translate) here:…Read More


文/陈兴王 玉林“狗肉节”前夕,来自天津、重庆等地的爱狗人士云集玉林市大市场,购买即将被送上餐桌的狗只。有狗贩见状大肆虐狗,并向爱狗人士喊话:“你们买不买?不买我就夹死它!”,还有狗贩用狗钳击打笼子里狗的头部,并称“给钱就不打啦!”。爱狗人士含泪买下,狗贩拿得钞票后,向围观人群挥舞。围观者起哄叫好,还有人竖起大拇指。 狗贩现场虐狗,爱狗人士含泪买下 6月20日上午,玉林市“大市场”里,来自各地的爱狗人士正在购买即将被送上餐桌的狗只。市场里的狗贩见状,手持狗钳,夹起狗的脖子将其高高举起,高声喊道:“你们买不买?不买我就夹死它!”来自重庆的爱狗人士赵洁(化名)含着泪握住狗贩的狗钳,表示要买下狗贩的狗。 “要买吗?600!”狗贩叫价。 …Read More
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