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Timothy Paich
Timothy Paich Campaign leader

This gives reasons to support reshape the world. We had things we were suffering from the mess we're in like a budget crisis to the…Read More

Obama's 2015 budget appeals to Democrats

Yahoo News
WASHINGTON (AP) — Striving for unity among Democrats rather than compromise with Republicans, President Barack Obama will unveil an election-year budget on Tuesday that drops earlier proposals to cut future Social Security benefits and seeks new money for infrastructure, education and job training. But Obama's almost $4 trillion budget plan is…Read More
Timothy Paich
Timothy Paich Campaign leader

This would give reasons why to pledge to this action.

Watershed director took Newark for millions, comptroller says

The Star-Ledger - NJ.com
NEWARK — Linda Watkins-Brashear didn’t let hard times get her down, state officials say. As layoff notices were issued to almost 1,000 Newark cops, secretaries and clerks, Watkins-Brashear and friends dined on $1,400 worth of lobster, crab, filet mignon and cognac, while Newark taxpayers footed the bill, according to a scathing report issued…Read More
Timothy Paich
Timothy Paich Campaign leader

This is a reason we're taking action here.

Ryan and Murray to unveil budget proposal Tuesday night

Washington Post
House and Senate negotiators plan to roll out an agreement tonight to fund the government past Jan. 15, avoid another government shutdown and end the cycle of budget crises that have dominated Washington for much of the past three years. Senate Budget Committee chairman Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan…Read More
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