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Demand Protection For Military Sexual Assault Victims

Most of you know my story as I have shared it over the past three years so many times. If you have not yet seen the film "the invisible war", please watch this film. I participated and it is available on Netflix. The President of the United States has not supported survivors in the brotherly fatherly protective way military men currently respond when we tell them this is truly an issue. He hasn't spoken to any of us that we know of. A few months ago he gave the military one more year to get it together. They've had more chances than any victim ever had! Shortly thereafter he told victims that he had our backs. In the meanwhile YOU ALL have had our backs! Thank you so much for supporting the survivors requests to have active-duty victims report to local rape crisis centers or special victims units. Please just not the commander! Let him find out with a special little note, most definitely a confidential one. Our commander-in-chief, who I voted for twice, has failed to understand this complex issue. With all the information available I find that very very hard to digest. Please sign this petition and continue to show support until the president agrees to support our military service members who are raped or sexually assaulted by a comrade. Sir, we need your support! XO, Kate

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