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Our goverment to help with the ice crisis in Australia

ICE is killing Australians and its killing our nation .Highly addictive amphetamines worst than heroin and it kills

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Andrea Simmons
Andrea Simmons Campaign leader

please sign the petition to help.....more people signing the more we have to make a stand for whats necessary .... let your voice be heard

AUSTRALIAN GOVERMENT: Run Awareness Campaigns for the destructive & highly addictive drug that's taking over our country.
  People are dying out there....... ICE... This drug is spreading over our nation and killing Australians.!!  This highly addictive substance (meth amphetamine) is  more soul destroying and fatal than any other illicit drug available on the market. ...From the moment you start using it, it consumes your soul, destroys your body, and erodes your…Read More
Andrea Simmons
Andrea Simmons Campaign leader

"ICE" has become an epidemic in our nation ...its time e become proactive in helping this issue .... I have some answers to help ...but…Read More

Ice Rush - Four Corners

Ice Rush By Caro Meldrum-Hanna and Ali Russell Updated October 20, 2014 20:48:00 Monday 20th October, 2014 His name is 'Jake'. At 15 years old, he was an ice dealer, a user and a crystal meth cook. 'Jake' is the new face of crystal meth, or ice, in Australia. It's the drug that's ravaged our major cities. But now it's destroying country…Read More
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