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Make Bp Restore The Gulf Of Mexico For Dolphins!

As a resident of Louisiana, I find it disturbing that this happened in the first place. We continue to suffer environmentally, economically, many people have lost their livelihood, fish are still contaminated, shorelines compromised, and many animals killed who thrive on waters and wetlands, even 4 years later. It will be many years before we recover, if ever. BP has not done enough to make this right. There have been many broken promises, and unanswered questions. Please help support this issue and demand BP to focus their attention and their wealth to make this right for my state.

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Michael Castillano

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Make Bp Restore The Gulf Of Mexico For Dolphins!

It means the world to me as for that all animals do man has no right to kill what god put down here that's why all men who kill animals I will kill if am giving the chance to kill them in the mean time please sign to help change bring change so my friends please take the time to sign I know who signs and who don't and if you can't do this for me then I will start blocking you because only friends would help by signing this it's forva good cause to stop killings theses people are evil and I want to kill all of them and in time I will get to kill some of them. But please for now help me by signing this bill I BEGG you to sign thank you my Beautiful Friends and may you all of you have a beautiful life but at the same time lets help save these Beautiful ANIMSL so they to can have a beautiful Life!!!!!

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