Minister of the Environment Greg Hunt sighted concerns of ‘National Interest’ due to the negative impact sharks are having on the Western Australian economy.  The government has yet to provide numbers or proof on that claim.  On the other hand, there is no shortage of evidence that sharks are an ever-growing draw for tourism.  Isn’t it ironic that WA is spending millions of dollars to kill the very animals that keep the oceans around their beaches beautiful and healthy? Not only do they play an important and scientifically proven role in sustaining these waters, but the very existence of these animals draws tourist dollars.  On the other hand, the negative press from the shark cull is already hurting tourism while the constant reinforcement of fear of sharks in the press can’t be doing anything to make people want to get in the water.

Let’s reward Western Australia by scheduling our vacation there once the drum lines are removed and the government admits its mistake.  Well, scratch the last part because that won’t ever happen; let’s just stick with removing the drum lines.

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