While the Summer is a great time to jump into the pool and beat the heat, too many children are drowning as a result of not knowing basic water safety skills. More than 200 children die every Summer of drowning and more than 70% of those drownings take the lives of children under the age of 5. 

Swim Strong provides affordable and free swimming classes to teach children water safety and swimming techniques for them to grow into strong and confident individuals in the water. 

Donate to the Swim Strong Scholarship Fund and help SAVE LIVES! 

  • $15 buys a child a swim cap
  • $50 buys a child a swim suit
  • $135 buys a series of 9 introductory swim lessons for a child
  • $250 buys a series of 9 Learn to Swim lessons for a child
  • $1250 buys lessons for 5 children
  • $2500 buys lessons for 10 children
  • $5000 buys lessons for 20 children
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