I grew up with Horses,they are Sweet ,Gentle,Loving Animals! They are Companions,and Pets! Horses are NOT Food for Humans to eat!! They Deserve to be treated better then this! Don't send them to Slaughter Houses to Be BUTCHERED while still ALIVE ! It's CRUEL and INHUMANE !! This is an ATROCITY on…Read More

Please don't just click like on this post; Please Actually Visit the Petition and Sign the Petition and then invite others to do so, thank…Read More

Someday the abuse of animals will be recognized as an abuse of the human spirit. Although it seems hopeless sometimes, it occurs to me that the abuse of other humans that was considered normal behavior several hundred years ago is now unthinkable. Recognizing the sanctity of life in other beings is…Read More

look at this face he says all i want is for you to love me , and to make you proud please help me and my friends.

Stop The Abuse Of Horses, And Stop The Slaughter Of Horses.

I grew up on a farm of my fathers and we had several horses,i had my own horse and we also boarded others horses. To me horses were a way of therapy and enjoyment in my life. I have ALWAYS been a firm believer THAT NO ANIMAL should be abused,neglected or treated with cruelty!!! Neither should any…Read More

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