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Lift Papal Bull: Excommunication Martin Luther & Followers

It would be good for Lutheran-Roman Catholic relationships, in the lead up to 2017

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    Australian. Lutheran pastor. Liturgist. Historian. Ecumenist. Advocate.

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Stephen Nuske
Stephen Nuske Campaign leader

From now Emeritus Lutheran Bishop Eero Huovinen, in 2005, at the Italian National Eucharistic Congress in Bari

Lutherans wish to share the Eucharist with Roman Catholics - Helsingin hiippakunnan tuomiokapituli

“It is our fervent wish that we Lutherans could kneel together with our Roman Catholic sisters and brothers at the common Communion table,” Helsinki’s Lutheran Bishop Eero Huovinen told the Italian National Eucharistic Congress in Bari on 25 May 2005. “We yearn for a common table because the Holy Eucharist is the feast of Christ’s presence”, he…Read More
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