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Annette Valentine

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Help Stop Mass Shootings.

In 2009 I received a phone call from my baby girl at 2:38 a.m. to let me know my oldest son had been shot at work. He was working as an unarmed bouncer in a nightclub on Market Street in Houston, TX. I lost my son that night over a parking spot. Empty space. A senseless murder. He at that time was 32. May 23 is an unbearable day for me to this day. They have not found the killers yet.

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Chris Rogers

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Help Stop Mass Shootings.

It is a terrible that these kinds of events happen at all. This seems like a very good issue to try to bring an end to. The experience I had when I was a little did not have to do with a mass event but one of my classmates was shot and killed by his brother by mistake just after they had finished watching a horror movie together. To many people get a gun and use it to do something stupid for that reason I joined this organization.

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