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Jeanne Rossow

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Reinstate Our Page, Islam Exposed (The Truth About Islam)

When the need to expose a social malignancy exists, truth must be shared. The one group plaguing humanity today is Islam. Islam cannot abide exposure. Why? Because Islam is engaged in cognitive dissonance on a scale unprecedented in humanity. People/infidels are outraged at Islam for: gender apartheid; vicious violence in the form of massacres, stoning of women and children, escalating Pedophilia, and more. Islam breathes malignant narcissism. To say so is not hate but truth, backed by facts. It must be stopped or no infidels, including and most importantly children, are safe. I find any other option appalling. Facebook has removed a group seeking to teach the truth about Islam. We need one million facebook signatures to redress this wrong. Will you join us?

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Pastor Bedoya

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Reinstate Our Page, Islam Exposed (The Truth About Islam)

I Call Upon Our Jewish People To Sign A Petition For The Resignation Of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz To Her Position As Chairwoman For The Democratic National Committee. If We Don't Sever All Ties To This Administration We Will Be Making A Big Mistake As We'll Be Sandwich Between The Opposition And The Left That's Is Eroding Our Alliance With Israel And The Hebrew Nation.

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Bill Brown

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Reinstate Our Page, Islam Exposed (The Truth About Islam)

For your consideration: I hope you will read this fully and participate with your support. First I don't care to change the things I believe in, the 2nd I want to keep my head on my shoulders. Many people believe the lie that there are MODERATE muzlins ( the word does not warrant correct spelling) I object to the raping of 9 year old girls and of having sex with goats - see koe-ran if ya don't believe me. Nor do I believe that a man has the RIGHT to beat his wife Be aware that it is honorable for a muzlin to lie to any enemy. An enemy being ANYONE who is NOT muzlin. islam is simply a code name for satan. Have considered that there is a good chance that moe-ham-add was a demon in disguise for satan to have the koe-ran written. Like the Apostles writing the Bible as guided by God.

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