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We need to stop the destruction of the Reef before there’s no Reef left to protect. World Heritage places should be treasured, not…Read More

Great Barrier Reef's 'unprecedented' threat from dredging, dumping

the Guardian
The impact of dredging and dumping sediment on the Great Barrier Reef has been far greater than the mining industry has claimed, with nearly 150m tonnes of new dredging set to take place in the reef’s waters, a study shows. The report collated by the Australian Marine Conservation Society states that the reef is under “unprecedented” threat…Read More

The health of the Reef is critical to the local environment and economy. In addition to sustaining countless marine species, the Reef…Read More

Australia’s Mad Plan to Dredge and Dump in Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Slate Magazine
The Great Barrier Reef is a World Heritage Site but has been in severe decline for decades.Courtesy of Taso Viglas/Flickr Late last year, the Australian government approved a plan to expand a coal terminal at Abbot Point in Queensland, one of five major ports along the Great Barrier Reef coastline. The project involves dredging approximately 5…Read More
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