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Delete Rapists! Serve Justice!

Protect your Mothers, Sisters, Wives and Daughters! Fight for their safety! Pour out your rage against these Criminals!

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Nandini Sundaram
Nandini Sundaram Campaign leader

So why not in India? Why do we have to forgive so easily?

10 Countries which gives most Severe Punishment for Rape - Spot On Lists

Spot On Lists
Many centuries ago there was no concept of marriage; the religions were not in abundance. It was allowed in the tribe for a man to have sex with as many women as he wants and same was the case with the women. As a result of this excessive rural liberty, the children born did not know the name of their fathers, It was impossible to guess the name…Read More
Nandini Sundaram
Nandini Sundaram Campaign leader

The crime rate in our country is one of the worst in the world. We need to work hard to bring it down!

One rape every 30 minutes in India - The Times of India

The Times of India
NEW DELHI: Even as an increasing number of violent crimes against women, especially rape, continue to be reported across the country, a 13-year analysis of crime data reveals that a little more than 57 rapes were reported every day. This averages over two rapes every hour, every day during the last 13 years. A total of 2,72,844 cases were reported…Read More

What do you have to say to this!?

India minister condemned for calling Delhi gang-rape a 'small incident'

the Guardian
The gang-rape of the Indian student in 2012 triggered anti-rape protests nationwide, which drew huge international media coverage. Photograph: Noah Seelam/AFP/Getty Images India's finance minister has sparked outrage by referring to the gang-rape and death of a young physiotherapy student in Delhi in 2012 as a "small" incident that has cost…Read More
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