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Personal Campaign

Sonya Baranwal

Sonya is gathering 50 signatures to

Delete Rapists! Serve Justice!

Rape has to be returned into an unimaginable crime. It is somehow getting more popular with every new case. Rape is to be recognized as a crime worse than murder and its punishment should be accordingly fixed. I, as a woman, want justice and healing for every child and woman raped. I want myself and my loved ones to roam safely and freely on my motherland without the fear of perverse predators.

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5 signed
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Personal Campaign

Shambhavi Sharma

Shambhavi is gathering 10 signatures to

Delete Rapists! Serve Justice!

Its 2:57 am, and its India,,,so Being a girl I cant go out,,the world out their is waiting to disgrace and harm me..and may be a girl in my country would be out on some street regarding her late night work, returning home to reach her family or may be partying late night...they may be wearing a jeans, saree, suit or even skirt but for some hooligans all that would be a big reason to rape....Whatever the state be, whatever the circumstances be, whatever the age be if I am a female, I have to be molested every street, every hour or rather every second.. At this time may be my dear sister in some part of this country is trying to save herself,,n I cant do anything to save her,,just sit n write this out in frustration...BUT NOW ITS ENOUGH WE WONT FACE IT, WE WONT TOLERATE, WE WILL FIGHT...I WANT TO PUT AN END TO THIS...WANT THAT RESPECT IN EVERY MAN'S EYE..FOR FEMALES....IT HAS TO STOP NOW...I WANT THIS CAMPAIGN TO HEAD AT A VERY FAST TRACK...THIS HAS TO END AND WE WILL END BY FIGHTING FOR OURSELVES..

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3 signed
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Personal Campaign

Manesa Krichena

Manesa is gathering 10 signatures to

Delete Rapists! Serve Justice!

The Delhi Rape Case shook the world by storm. It grabbed the entire world's attention and ignited the rage of millions. Thousands of campaigns, protests and demands were brought out against this unforgettable event of inhuman brutal act from all around the world. Yes, this was an awakening call for everyone but did it affect those who, apparently, are still continuing these horribly, disgraceful kind of acts? Unfortunately and evidently, NO. As a student, imagination and adventure runs in the deepest core of our veins, the thirst for exploration will never be quenched. As I stepped out one evening alone, longing to explore the city lights and stores, I found myself unable to prolong that feeling of joyous adventure but instead was filled with that emotion I feared the most- FEAR itself. Not even five minutes had passed since I stepped out from the house and eave-teasing, uncivilised deathly stares, deliberate body touching and other disrespectful behaviours which can only be felt by experience. This feeling, I believe, has been felt by almost all women. This feeling, I hope, will someday not just vanish but be understood by men of all classes, race, age and backgrounds, and that THEY will be the ones to suppress this mentality out of guilt, empathy and respect. Because I have just one life to live, I want to make sure I did everything I could to make this life as wonderful as possible and not let such fears creep in and spoil my plans of an awesome life I hope I'll have ahead of me :)

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3 signed
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