Our 2014 National Backpack Giveaway across the U.S is underway. 

We've partnered with more than 20+ organizations, including with the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters to ensure the success of this giveaway - this has never been done before within the minority communities at this level.

We need your help! If we all unite and put our resources together, the impact we would make would be tremendous!  This national event is an opportunity for us to make a difference, and we invite you to join our mission and take this journey with us.  Lets put a dent in statistics, help these flourishing and brilliant young souls be a part of the population - the society that is not frowned upon.

Our goal is to giveaway 2500 per state and hosting city to underprivileged children on July 26th.  Throughout this event, we plan to give over 125,000 pre-filled backpacks. These 17" Silver/Gray/Black backpacks include: safety scissor, 10-packs of blue pens, pencil sharpener, 10-packs of black pens; 6 by 2 pocket folders; composition book; 12 colored pencils; 24-pack crayons; storage box; 3 rolls of clear tape; calculator; plastic ruler; 1-pack of index cards; 2-packs of glue stick; 120-page spiral notebook; 6-piece math set; 18-pack yellow standard; #2 Pencils and 1-pack of sticky notes.

The distribution center delivering backpacks is behind this mission 100%; so much so, they are throwing in an additional 50 pre-filled backpacks for every 2500 we give, that's two classrooms. We plan to take these additional packs and send to children in need in Cameroon, Africa and surrounding villages. Please help us promote and spread the word as this is a monumental event. 

If we reach 2500 likes on our facebook page (see link below) by June 15th, we will select one or two individuals and a business that has liked our page, and send an additional 150 backpacks to a country of their choice in their name. 

For more details on how you can be a part of this event or if you would like to make a tax deductible contribution, please inbox us or call 888.246.2991 x101 


Trinity Reese, Founder and CEO


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