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Bucky Barnes

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Nobody Touch The Cat

I love cats and I personally taking care of my own rescued cats and kittens. And what they're doing in China is very disturbing no cats or dogs or any animals deserve to suffer, to be tortured, skinned or boiled alive only for their fur and meat. This is a total cruelty and no living things on earth deserve to go through that. So friends, activist, animal lovers, everyone who have a heart. I urge you please please help sign and share this campaign we might be able to save thousands of cats from dying in a horrible and excruciating way.

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Robert Lofgren

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Nobody Touch The Cat

Cats are the most precious living animal on planet earth. In china they are tortured and used as food, packed together and treated like they worth nothing. Please help to put pressure on the chinese government top understand this is NOT okey if they want to continue to do business with us! "“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” China has a VERY LONG way to go.

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Heidi Mosley

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Nobody Touch The Cat

Please sign this petition and help me stop the senseless suffering and deaths of cats in China who are being killed for their meat and fur. These precious babies did nothing to deserve this inhumane treatment and they need your help now. Join with me in asking the Chinese government to put a stop to the torture and killing of cats for fur and meat. Please be their voice.

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