This is our first rally in Denver Colorado to shut down the terrorist cell cps. More children die in custody of child protective services…Read More

Financial help is needed. Please help us you can.

Click here to support Saving London by Lori New-Bohner
How it Works Donations to ‘Certified Charity’ campaigns get delivered directly to the charity listed. 1) YOU MAKE A DONATION Payments are processed by FirstGiving. 2) CHECKS ARE ISSUED Once a month, a check will be sent to the charity. …Read More

All Patriots and Freedom Loving People Are Under Assault including their families by a Rogue Government & Judiciary! Stand Up America…Read More

Remove Judge Donna Schmalberger from Lori New-Bohner's Case.

Every child should be with those of his family who have & will regard the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental provision of a child's needs. Separation/alienating a child from even the know-ledge of & thus, the ability to regularly see, provide for, and interact with a child is…Read More

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