100 Signatures!!

  • Update #5

We are at 100+ signatures! I will continue to increase our goal. Please share this as much as possible! Thank you all so much. It's an excellent start. Let's bring as much attention to this issue as possible! I know we'll be able to achieve our goal to make…Read More

Slight Change

  • Update #4

I have changed the name and course of the campaign a bit. Since the problem is Facebook's lack of policy enforcement, I have changed the campaign to target the source of the problem. I just wanted to keep you all updated. Thank you all for your support so…Read More

Pledge and Petition

  • Update #3

Hi! Thank you all very much so far. I know that the pledge was a little confusing, and I have gotten rid of that. Please, if you signed the pledge only, you can now sign the petition only. I am sorry if this was confusing. Thank you again very much!!!

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