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Just Say No to Keystone

Because if we tap the tar sand oil, "Essentially, it's game over for the planet"

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The State Department severely underestimated the impact of the proposed Keystone pipeline, both in terms of making it financially viable to…Read More

Keystone XL Would Have Much Larger Impact Than State Department Suggests, Study Says

The Huffington Post
WASHINGTON -- The State Department's final environmental impact analysis for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline downplays the significance the pipeline would have for development of the Canadian tar sands, according to a new analysis from a United Kingdom-based group. The analysis also argues that the State Department underestimated the amount of…Read More

James Hansen explains in plain English the choice facing President Obama. I can make it even simpler - "Canadian oil company profits or…Read More

NASA's Hansen Explains Decision to Join Keystone Pipeline Protests | InsideClimate News

WASHINGTON—Unless Hurricane Irene interrupts his travel, renowned NASA climate scientist James Hansen will join demonstrators today at the White House to protest the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. U.S. Park Police officers have arrested hundreds of participants since the sit-in began Aug. 20. Thirty years ago, Hansen was among the first…Read More