In 2013, a Utah slaughterhouse was caught painfully pushing a cow with a forklift. But when the police showed up, they weren't there to shut things down. They were there to press charges against Amy Meyer -- the citizen filming the cruelty -- even though she never left public land.

This was because of a new crop of "ag-gag" bills that ban the filming of industrial animal abuse without permission -- and even place whistleblowers on a "terrorism registry."  

Shockingly, Google is funding this madness. The tech giant has joined the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a shadowy organization that works with state lawmakers to ram through legislation for corporations like Exxon and Philip Morris. Google should know better than to fund bills that would also require climate denial education in public schools, oppose fracking disclosure, implkement Stand Your Ground laws, or attack voting rights -- all goals of ALEC.  

Thanks to public pressure, over 50 corporations have already quit ALEC. It's Google's turn -- raise your voice today!

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