As social entrepreneurs, we are motivated by the social, ethical and environmental benefits that Healthy Mothers for Healthy Kids will generate; we feel the urgent need to act as a change agent to solve problems caused by malnutrition as we are incredibly passionate about helping Africa's children achieve a better future.

After extensive research, we see the opportunity to reduce maternal infant and young child malnutrition morbidity and mortality rates right through a program that has proven in other countries to be self-sustaining, culturally appropriate and driven by community development from the bottom up. 

We know far too many mothers, infants and young children whose lives have been affected by malnutrition, yet the menace of malnutrition has a solution.

Through the founding of Healthy Mothers for Healthy Kids; we believe there is a fantastic opportunity for ALL to contribute in a positive way to humanity and make meaningful progress towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals particularly Goals 4 (Reduced Child Mortality) and 5 (Reduced Maternal Mortality)

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