God be with all His Believers.

Everyone is entitled to there believe and religion.

Human life is the highest order in all living creations. Man is the one with a capability to change his environment. Man can build, invent, man can think- man has norms and values. The only thing he can't do is create. You can't take down what you didn't put up. "The sanctity of life"! Even when…Read More

People should be able to choose who they love to marry. Marriage is not an option to be legalised by factor of culture or family. Marriage is ordained by God. It is command that a man will leave his parents and found his wife and live together. It is not for any family or religion to choose or…Read More

The religion u follow today,ur name,origin n even d family u were born into we're purely d decisions of ur creator. None of us had a hand in it.........

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