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Personal Campaign

Trent Lange

Trent is gathering 50 signatures to

Overturn Citizens United And Mc Cutcheon!

Getting Big Money out of politics is the defining issue of our time -- until we solve it, everything we care about will be ruled by the desires of the rich, rather than the needs of the voters and the world. Please sign this petition for the Overturn Citizens United Act (SB 1272) and ask your friends to sign so that California voters can have a chance this November to tell Congress to pass a constitutional amendment that says that corporations aren't people and money isn't speech!

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48 signed
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Personal Campaign

Dorothy Knable

Dorothy is gathering 100 signatures to

Overturn Citizens United And Mc Cutcheon!

When the top .01% decide government matters, it is to line their pockets. One example: Oil Companies succeed when we need to turn to Green Energy. And, public education suffers when we spend money on wars for oil. The rich shouldn't decide who gets nominated and elected nor what propositions win! We the PEOPLE, the flesh and blood People, do. But, since 2010, super Pacs from world-wide corporations and billionaire-owners have secretly influenced election outcomes with their money. We must Overturn "Citizens United" which made that possible when it decreed that "corporations are people" and that "money is free speech." This bill, SB1272, will pose the question, on the next election ballot, "Do you agree or disagree..." to those two ideas from the "Citizens United v. FCC" Supreme Court decision of 2010. For wonks, like me: SB1272 will back up AJR#1, which has actually called for a Constitutional Convention (under Article V) to decide this matter. This effort, too, will need your pressure, to enforce, even tho' it has WON in CA and we are the 2nd state to have done so. Thirty-seven states are needed for that route. I am Sacramento Area Coordinator for CA Clean Money Campaign. 916 451-2045. [email protected] Please mark: CA Clean Money Campaign.

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8 signed
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Personal Campaign

Chris Asmussen

Chris is gathering 10 signatures to

Overturn Citizens United And Mc Cutcheon!

I see increasing evidence that "our" elected representatives in both parties make decision after decision that favors the very wealthy and corporate America, rather than 90 to 99 percent of our population. These decisions are prompted by major financial contributions that come from the wealthy individuals and corporations that want to preserve and increase their wealth. They hurt you and me because they shift tax burdens from those who can afford to be taxed more to those of us who have less. They also relax regulations that were created to protect us and our environment. We have all seen that benefits to corporations and the very wealthy do not benefit the general population; "trickle down" economics has not worked. Businesses thrive when they have customers who can afford to purchase their goods and services. They cut staffing when the public cannot afford what is being sold. Many of us have experienced that. These decisions were enabled by two Supreme Court decisions: the McCutcheon case, which declared that people could contribute vast sums of money to political campaigns because contributions are a form of free speech; and Citizens United, which declared that corporations have the same rights (such as free speech) as people. We can oppose these rulings in various ways. California residents can tell the CA Supreme Court to let voters pass Prop 49 to instruct Congress to pass a constitutional amendment overturning McCutcheon and Citizens United at their hearing on Oct 6. The rest of us can contact our senators and representative to urge them to pass that constitutional amendment.

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Personal Campaign

RuthAnn Purchase

RuthAnn is gathering 21 signatures to

Overturn Citizens United And Mc Cutcheon!

Please, read banning corporate person-hood, which some refer with a nick name for a supreme court decision to give corporations human rights, called "Citizens United." Here is an article with a video link at the bottom for those willing to promote an educated citizenry: While you are at that web site, consider the work of restoring ancient wisdom for practical change today and look for up coming events in YOUR area. Education is free, we just have to want it. Action is required, we just have to do something. And this Pachamama Community is the place to join amazing learning communities and powerful actions to change their lives at home and in their communities. Thanks for reading all this. I appreciate your willingness to connect even on social media. Hope to see you soon, ~RuthAnn

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