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Stop Big Tobacco From Using Child Labor In The U.S.!

I have a seven-year-old niece, a ten-year-old niece and an eleven-year-old niece and a fourteen-year- old nephew. I cannot imagine putting them in tobacco fields to work 40- 60 hours a week in hazardous conditions with pesticides, potential nicotine poisoning, unsanitary conditions, no bathrooms, and without water to wash the pesticides and nicotine off their hands before eating. Human Rights Watch released a report showing that children my nieces and nephews ages work under such hazardous conditions to help support their families. Sadly, the report shows children of immigrants appear to comprise a significant child labor force for tobacco farming. Young children working in tobacco fields suffered from nausea, vomiting, loss of fingers, etc. ...all documented in the report. Please go on Human Rights Watch's website to educate yourself about this issue and to see the videos with interviews of the young children. The Huffington Post, CBS, CNN, and the New York Times also ran stories or OpEd pieces. Child labor should not be condoned by our country and we need your voices to be heard to save America's children from these unspeakable hazards and conditions. If you have children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren between the ages of 7 and 16...Think of them. Would you expose them to pesticides, nicotine poisoning, hatchets without safety gear, 40- 60 hour work weeks, unsanitary working conditions? Please write to your Congressman, sign this petition and Human Rights Watch petition. We need to hold tobacco companies accountable and make our voices heard to push Congress to enact legislation to stop the exploitation of America's young children in the South, inculding Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina. Children under 18 may not buy cigarettes... But they can be exposed to nicotine poisoning in tobacco fields as young as seven? Help to change this irony. Your voice can make a difference! Thank you. Julie

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