Petition to be delivered to Wang Yi, Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China; Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai to the United States

Every year thousands of African elephants are killed by poachers for their precious ivory - a symbol of stature and wealth across China and many other Asian nations. As a result, the African elephant population is on a steep decline and facing future extinction.

The brutal slaughter of these innocent animals is being fueled by Chinese consumers as well as the Chinese government, whose government-licensed ivory carving facilities provide a conduit for legal trade.  Meanwhile, a parallel black market for ivory is growing. Terrorist organizations in Southeast Asia and Africa now receive funds for trade of illegal ivory.

Our mission?

End legal ivory sales in China and educate Chinese consumers about the illicit ivory trade. Let's make Chinese people - particularly the middle class -  aware that every single piece of ivory they own comes from a dead elephant.

FACT: As much as 70% of Chinese consumers do not realize elephants must die to provide ivory. Other myths propagated are that elephants’ tusks fall out naturally, or grow back after getting extracted.

We all need to act decisively, swiftly and consistently to put a halt to this. Every signature will be seen as a single DECLARATION AGAINST IVORY SALES and ANTI-POACHING EDUCATION in China.

We need to do this now because the alternative – a world without African elephants - does not even bear thinking.

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