While part of the RAR/ASNI Dream Team was in Vatra Dornie providing 260 free spays/neuters for the community, another campaign was being held in Comanesti for 158 spays/neuters.  In the midst of joining together for the long trip home to Bucharest, they found Lucy.  Here is her story (by Maz Foulger): 

Meet Lucy  Dream team was travelling on the way to Comanesti, we stopped to take pics of some guys who were selling puppies from the roof of a car, along a verybusy motorway road. One of the girls spotted this little dog dragging her back legs across the road. So off we go to have a look, and of course we could not leave here there. We then took her to Comanesti shelter with us. She has obviously been in some kind of accident and the back legs are not in use at all, they are also full of wounds, she is very under weight, full of ticks and has given birth in the last few weeks. The pregnancy we think is the very reason why she was abandoned! She is now at Comanesti shelter, and will travel to Bucharest very soon and be under the care of the vet team. This little dog we named Lucy, Lucky Lucy!!! Who better than to bump into the dream team!! Lucy will need a lot of care and expensive therapy and probably a cart! Anyone wishing to donate towards getting her fit and well again can do so here, and please mark your donations for Lucy http://romaniaanimalrescue.com/support-rar/donate

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