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Stand With The Epa Against Climate Change, Racism & Poverty:

Hello my friend or I could say the people of 21st century,it seems that you all very proud to be a citizen of this era,but at the contrary there are some setbacks in this era!we enjoy our life in style by having everything in time,we could say that we have a comfortable life but in our world there are exceptions who don't get such a facility and they face the problems like poverty,there are starving everyday! Due to the chemical effluents released by the factories and not proper treating,the environment gets polluted and it leads to a adverse effect on our this climate changes! Is it necessary that due to a man's complexion he/she should be judged?no,I don't think so!man is being judged by his/her deeds and not by his/her complexion.there should be no discrimination done on the basis of colour of a person! I ,the citizen of our world strongly demand if you support our campaign,if you do your bit to save our world,I am 100 percent in the coming few years our country would be from all this cruel practices,and you will be proud that in this cause,you too made a contribution! So please help us by supporting our campaign for a good cause!

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Stand With The Epa Against Climate Change, Racism & Poverty:

Grist Smokey Day City This story is second in a series on the Environmental Protection Agency’s environmental justice initiative, Plan EJ 2014. Find part 1 here. In Baltimore, the state has permitted a new waste incinerator in a neighborhood that’s regularly blitzed by pollution from surrounding industrial plants. In Mossville, La., an African American community founded by freed slaves is circled by 14 toxic industrial facilities — just one part of a broader region so saturated with polluters that it’s been labeled “Cancer Alley.” These are just two examples of a pattern I discussed in my last post, of chemical plants imposing dangers on fenceline communities, where African Americans, Latino Americans, and poor Americans end up taking on more of the burdens of health risks and pollution than the average American. How do such racial disparities happen and what keeps them alive? Well, there’s the racism of zoning policies that keep black, Latino, and poor residents concentrated in…Read More

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