Vanessa Kachadurian wants to

Bring our Girls Home

Because no one has the right to kidnap and harm a child in the name of Jihad

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    Experienced medical executive, and writer on selling and building company culture. Large children…Read More

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#BringourGirlsHome Stop the senseless kidnapping of Christian girls in Nigeria by the Boko Haram demand action for these children that are…Read More

'Bring Back Our Girls' Becomes Rallying Cry

ABC News
ABC US News | ABC Business NewsCopy Ramaa Mosley, a Los Angeles director and mother of two, was driving in her car when she heard the news on the radio. Nearly 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria had been kidnapped by armed extremists. "I started weeping and I raced home," Mosley said. "I looked on the Internet and I found some news in Africa that…Read More