Thanks to climate change's warmer summers, pine beetles are killing more trees than ever.

85% of Yellowstone's whitebark pine trees are gone. Without this keystone species, the land will suffer and the park's bears will have to search more campgrounds and parking lots for food.

It's not just Yellowstone. We've lost millions of acres of gorgeous pine forests to beetles across the Rocky Mountains and even South Dakota's Black Hills -- and the breathtaking Pacific Northwest is next.

We can fix this. The Fish & Wildlife Service has determined that whitebark pine should be called an endangered species -- but they say they can't afford to protect it. A federal judge just ruled that he can't make Congress pay to save the pine trees, either. The ruling will be appealed, but for now, it's up to you to convince your elected leaders to act.

Tell your representative and senators: Our grandchildren deserve to experience America's forests too! Fund the fight against the pine beetle!

Photo credit: Flickr user FDelventhal, license CC 2.0

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