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Stop Big Coal From Censoring Its Opponents!

Judging by 'Four Cormers' (ABC TV )last night AND the front-page story about Australia's Treasurer Mr Joe Hockey, -& his Sales' kowtow to the Aust'n.Business Council, it is clear that some certain 'corrupt' 'Financial Planners' are now getting a big-Say in how this country is run, such that CAPO'Capitalism IS now what We all have to putUp with; the very-loud n aggressive Accountants and those with 'the loudest mouths' (who may also belong to the Liberal Party )ARE now the 'default Planners' for a corrupt Oz' Government, all-intent on keeping 'their jobs' for 10 yeaRs or more.......REAL(Professional) PLANNERS need NOT APPLY!.!!!!(Also, I learnt today that the Oz' Govt. and Tony Abbot is quietly 'on the sly' pushimg TO BAN all-sorts of political demonstrations in this great country. (&)I feel affected SINCE 'no Survey/s of public opinion on these matters seem to being undertaken AND because -as an Imdependent Scientist I reckon my voice is WORTHY of beimg listened-to.

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