Divestment campaigns helped end apartheid in South Africa -- and all across the world, they're making progress in the fight for our climate and our future. Big Coal is terrified, so the Minerals Council of Australia -- a major coal-producing nation -- is demanding these boycotts be made illegal, criminalizing the simple act of standing up to them.

The Minerals Council of Australia says it's just "a small number of noisy extremists", but trying to save the climate is not extreme, and this movement is not small. Thanks to the leadership of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, our friends at 350.org, and the Sierra Student Coalition, more than 20 U.S. cities, 26 churches, and nine colleges and universities have declared they will not invest their finances in fossil fuels. 

When it comes to divesting from fossil fuels and stopping Big Coal, nothing less than our very future is at stake. Let's use our global voice to be heard to stand with 350.org Australia: Tell the government of Australia that attacks on free speech and the climate are the true extremism! Don't ban divestment campaigns!

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