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    A community working to create a world with justice, sustainability, and genuine democracy for…Read More

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SierraRise Campaign leader

The amazing activists of 350.org Australia and other amazing groups around the world are making huge progress - and Big Coal is terrified!…Read More

#AustraliansForCoal is the latest sign of an industry in values freefall

the Guardian
During the second world war, my dad performed his war service down the coal mines in the UK. The work cost him his sense of smell, but gave him a profound sense of camaraderie and regard for the men he served with down in the coal pits. Until the end of his life, my dad was proud of his modest contribution to the peoples’ war against fascism. …Read More
SierraRise Campaign leader

Divestment campaigns helped end apartheid in South Africa -- and all across the world, they're making progress in the fight for our climate…Read More

Mining lobby may join industry push to ban environmental boycotts

the Guardian
The powerful mining lobby is considering whether to join the push by resource industries to ban environmental boycott campaigns as it battles an escalating grassroots movement calling for banks, superannuation funds and institutions to ditch fossil fuel investments. The Minerals Council of Australia, which this week began its own “Australians…Read More