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    Had moderate to severe ME since Jan '06 after an atypical pneumonia. Sadly, not one day symptom…Read More

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Cara Mac
Cara Mac Campaign leader

Wonderful article about invisible illnesses and lack of disability access for our particular needs.

Passing"is not a privilege – Opinion – ABC Ramp Up (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Having an invisible disability can mean you're able to choose whether or not to disclose your disability status. But being able to "pass" as a non-disabled person can also mean your access needs are often ignored completely, writes Naomi Chainey. A few weeks ago I attended a public panel discussion; a cosy affair in a trendy pub where people…Read More
Cara Mac
Cara Mac Campaign leader

A good link to all the criteria for diagnosing ME and why the confusion arises and data is skewed meaning we are not getting the science…Read More

Invest in ME - Guidelines for ME/CFS

  One of the basic problems with treatment of ME is the original diagnosis of the illness. Invariably it is too late and the current environment in the UK means that diagnosis may cover a broad range of illnesses with similar symptoms which are brought together under one diagnosis - ME - a dead-end of a medical diagnosis by a medical…Read More