Now he is bedridden and having other medical issues.  Fraudulent misrepresentation is a situation in which an individual or entity has taken deliberate steps to intentionally deceive one or more other parties.  The deception may involve issuing statements that are known to be untrue, or to deliberately omit relevant facts or information that ultimately lead to some type of loss.  In many jurisdictions, this type of negligent misrepresentation is punishable by fines, prison, or a combination of the two. 

I was in court because a woman name Angie O'Neil ran out of money to renovate her home and tried to force me the contractor to finance her project to the tune of $50,000.00 which she said she would pay me back when her bank released her trust money of $300,000.00 plus dollars when the project was finished. Hugo said this is a civil case and should have never been in criminal court. Once I refused to accommodate Angie, who was my secretary for my company, she stole all of my documents and ran to the crook Evelyn Hill who in turn did everything within her power to create a criminal case out of a civil case.

Drinking Ativan from the bottle while testifying in front of Judge J. B. Allen, Jr. in Wake County Court in 2001 did nothing to stop the extreme anxiety and panic attacks. Being in that condition with Hugo's rants and raves in the bathroom to plead guilty because he did not know how to represent me was insult married to injury.

Upon discovering that Hugo was wrong in that I did not break the law, ncgs 14-100; I have tried repeatedly to get him to return my evidence (business records proving a legal business) and he to this day has continued to dodge the authority. The North Carolina State bar has repeatedly asked Hugo to return my records which he admitted that he had them and would return them upon my request. Well, that did not work either. Now I am here asking you good people to support me in this matter with your signatures which simply says, no one is above the law and no one should be prosecuted unconstitutionally especially when they are not guilty of breaking any laws. 

The issuing of false statements has long been an issue with various types of business dealings.  While in some case, facts are omitted with no intent to defraud, there are situations in which information is deliberately withheld, thus preventing the second party in the business contract from making an informed decision about the arrangement.  Often, this leads to a situation in which one party benefits greatly, while the other party suffers some type of loss, often financial losses that are difficult to recover.


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