My name is Jonathan Roiz and I would like to share with you a vision. A vision that was birthed in 1994 when I was 16 years old traveling in central america as a missionary. I was impacted by the poverty, the despair and human suffering. I saw children who had been abused and living on the streets, I saw families living in homes made of pieces of metal with no electricity or water, children with holes in their legs so deep you could see the bone because they didn't have access to health care.

I also saw how very few were doing anything to change the situation. Churches working against each other because of ego, non-profits no wanting to collaborate or utilize the funds in a more effective way because of a "hero mentality" and it was revealed to me that what is needed is a Hope Movement, a movement of people with a passion and calling to help others who come from various backgrounds and distinct abilities uniting together to step outside of their comfort zone, ego free and working together to bring lasting transformation. A voluntary, strategic alliance to enhance our ability to achieve a common purpose by sharing risks, responsibilities, resources, and rewards, transforming communities into havens of hope.

Campaign Details

The Hope Movement operates the only outreach/ feeding center called the Haven of Hope in the third largest city in Guatemala which has the highest malnutrition rate in the county.

We are in a new year and we and we need your help to reach our goal to have the needed funding to operate our current programs and expand to open a home for rescued children who will reside in a new section of our Haven of Hope facility. 

If only 250 People pledge to give only $100 or less than $10 monthly we will reach our goal. 

The Hope Movement is calling on you to answer your calling to help those in need by uniting with us and joining this Hope Movement by giving a financial gift of any amount. 100% of funds will go directly to serving the people.

The Impact

Your financial donation will help The Hope Movement:

  • Expand our programs in our current Haven of Hope Outreach Center in Escuintla, Guatemala which is the only outreach center in the third largest city with the highest rate of malnutrition providing meals on a daily basis, education, counseling, medical care, hotline to report human trafficking and community outreach.
  • Nationwide mission activities providing outreaches in schools, community, disaster relief, feeding programs and medical missions.
  • Hope Movement Alliance to unify community members, churches and non-profits to collaborate together to bring lasting transformation.
  • Open and Operate our Home for Children which will immediately be able to provide a safe and loving home to children who have been rescued from abusive homes, human trafficking and the streets.

Give a Gift of Love

We desperately need your help! We need to increase the number of meals and education and counseling resources to meet the needs of the masses who are coming to our Haven of Hope Center who are seeking assistance and also move into our new facility to provide a loving home to those children who have no place to go. It only cost $2.00 to feed and educate a child in our Haven of Hope Outreach Center and 95% of every dollar goes directly to the program as our executive staff work as volunteers so that your gifts can make a greater impact.

We know this has been a difficult economic time for many, and there are many wonderful organizations to give to, but we ask that you please take a moment to pray and think about this opportunity to help children who without your help will go to sleep tonight with an empty stomach, face abuse, will be forced to work on the streets rather than study and will loss hope for a brighter future, but with your help their lives will be forever transformed.

So we ask you, will you help? Will you take a moment and give what you can to children who are a reaching out to us for love and hope? Will you unite with us to form a movement of hope? We pray that your answer is YES!

Ways to Give

Online Through This Campaign Website

Though Our Website:

By Mail: 6340 SW 35th Court  Miramar, Florida 33023

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Share this campaign with your friends through social networks and encourage them to give and get involved.
  • Pledge to raise at least $100 which is only 10 friends giving $10.
  • Collect used cell phones and donate them to The Hope Movement, as we receive a donation for each cell phone.
  • Use and select The Hope Movement as your cause and the Hope Movement receives a donation every time you just search the web.

About the Hope Movement

The Hope Movement is an inter-denominational, 501 (c)(3) non-profit movement with a passion to bring social and spiritual change throughout the world. Our vision to create a Revolution of Love throughout the world opening the windows of heaven to allow the rain of God’s presence to fall upon His people, flowing through the streets like a mighty river, pouring hope into the lives of many.

Our mission is to unite social organizations, churches, ministries, and individuals together as one in a movement of hope, shaking them from their comfort zone, inspiring them to reach out to those who are reaching out to us. Defend and care for abused and abandoned children embracing them with arms of love. Break the chains of modern-day slavery, setting the captives free. Provide free health care to everyone in need so that they may live long and prosperous lives. Empower the people through education creating a cycle of change. Provide rehabilitation programs to youth and adults to release them from the trap of addiction and oppression. Stabilize the family structure breaking the cycle of abuse and child neglect. Preach a message of hope to everyone in our path opening their eyes to see their life’s purpose, being the voice and the hands of God, transforming communities into havens of hope.

The Hope Movement is not an organization, or a one man show. It is a movement of destined individuals and organizations united as one, dedicating our lives to the rescue and care of children and adults living in desperate need, reaching out to those who are longing for love. A new day has arrived and the Hope Movement is the formation of a generation of transformation.

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