With public school budget cuts happening all across America, fine arts programs are always the first programs to be removed from our children's curriculum.

However, the fine arts are proven to be vital for teaching kids to develop their creative minds. Furthermore, studies show that a consistent arts program can be instrumental in increasing academic performance and attendance. 

Crockett Elementary has been a local treasure for the residents of the 1st and 6th Ward in Houston, TX for over a century not only because of their academic excellence, but also because of their exemplary fine arts program. Despite not having a fine arts magnet status, the faculty of Crockett have worked tirelessly to maintain a colorful arts curriculum for their students.

Without private support from individuals and businesses, the arts programs of Crockett Elementary and other public schools will gradually disappear. With your support, the success of this campaign can be a model for other public schools to keep the arts in their students' lives. 

Camp Culture consists of a group of volunteer artists and musicians from local Houston arts collective, Campus, dedicated to ensuring that fine arts education remains an integral part of our children's education. We believe that an imagination is essential for our childhood, and to remove that from future generations would be a tragic mistake we can't afford to make. 

If we can all work together to give just a little, we can all make a difference. 

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