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Swati Singh

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#Bring Back Our Girls: Stop The Kidnapping Of Girls In Nigeria

This is so shameful and heinous act not only for Nigerians but for all human beings as well.Girls are our future.shocking to hear that over 200 girls are missing in Nigeria.these innocent girls who should be there in school,they are struggling for their life.It is really a shameful and disheartening to know about it.I just want to say that we all are united and we are with you Nigerians.Hope all the girls may be rescued soon.

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Dee Hill

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#Bring Back Our Girls: Stop The Kidnapping Of Girls In Nigeria

For many of us, yesterday was Father's Day. Men and their children took a moment to reflect on the importance of their relationship, their unique bond. I look at my friends and relatives celebrating and think of the heart ache that those Nigerian fathers of the kidnapped girls must feel. No heart should be visited by such sorrow. For many graduation is around the corner or has just passed. How any of us feel if our daughters, nieces, granddaughters, sisters, cousins were to miss their graduation because they had been snatched away, literally. If there is a human heart beating within you surely you can feel for these girls and their families. We, the individual members of the human race must stand together and call for the return of these girls and the end of violence against women and girls.

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