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If our government doesnt think we place this issue as a high priority, they wont place it high on their agenda.   In this era of ease of national and international travel, predators fly under the radar of our police agencies by committing crimes in different counties, provinces or countries.    As such, they are able to get away with accosting a much greater volume of victims.   Those victims…

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Without public backing, the police have no way of influencing government officials to change laws, institute new divisions or monetary allocations needed for pressing  causes.   We need to remember that the police are our people, they have children and also want to make their children's children's world a better a place .  The police officers are the key to ensuring that data is entered correctly…

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There is no one race or religion which is less culpable nor more holey than the next.  All children, regardless of race or religion deserve equal respect and protection. By creating a dialogue that includes all individuals, from all facets of society, we create a unified force to protect our future generations.   Our governments will more likely take head when we choose to align our interests…

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