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Stop Common Core

Common Core has no educational value at all. Many teachers have already shared that the Math is utterly senseless, it has had much of our valued History deleted from the books, and in no way prepares students to be become well informed, productive members of society as adults! Weather you have school-age children or not, THIS MESS will have a direct effect on ALL OF US, ON OUR COUNTRY as a whole. More and more the schools seem to be supporting children growing up to be GOOD LITTLE VICTIMS! I believe we have more than enough people who are playing the victim in refusing to take responsibility for themselves. And why not? Because the schools taught them very well NOT TO. Personally, if our son was still in school, I would simply have to turn to HOMESCHOOLING. There is NO possible way I would allow his education to be so compromised by Common Core, the warped values it instills and the general lack of useful education it provides. I know of several teachers who are suggesting Homeschooling to parents who CARE about their child's future and nurturing of intelligence. I don't know about YOU, but that really says something to ME! Please take a moment to contact YOUR representatives and let them know that YOU DO NOT SUPPORT COMMON CORE AND WANT IT OUT OF YOUR SCHOOL SYSTEM!

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