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The DEFRA (Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs) and affiliated organisations claimed that the action taken against Shambo was a necessary precaution to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis (TB) to neighbouring animals.

However, the way in which the DEFRA and related corporations pursued what was effectively a 'Witch Hunt' of this adorable animal, reflected not only the entrenchment of 'Speciesism' (the fallacy that humans are to animals like God is to humans), but also the extent of Racism within the Farming Community, the Police Force, the Judicial Service and the Government on the whole.

It is only logical that a universal or baseline 'animal rights' should precede the rights of any individual species of animal in order that any individual right be realised and fulfilled, since without a basic primary and essential animal right, we undermine all those qualities that we seek to protect by a species specific animal right.

In other words, we seek to establish basic (sentient based) rights on the basis of the capacity to suffer which is not a distinctive quality of any species of animal but rather a common quality of all conscious beings. This is the same difference as denying something as essential as food to someone on the basis of their skin colour, gender, physical or mental ability, faith, religion and so on, knowing that the recipient is indeed in substantial need of that food - which in turn is the same as that same right being denied to oneself for such arbitrary reasons.

Neither 'species' or anyone of these characteristics are sufficient grounds for the denial of basic, primary and essential rights/needs which we all have in common. And so, in the same way that human rights do not stand when we deny an essential right to a specific race or creed of human, neither do they stand when we deny a basic essential right to another species of animal, since again, basic human rights are not based on Species, but rather on sentient capacity. Therefore, cruelty, slavery or the exploitation of any species of animal violates what we know as Human Rights.

One of the main reasons given by Shambo's guardians for his defence, was that we do not seek to cull members of the human community when someone from within that community becomes infected with some airborne disease let alone when they are merely suspected of carrying 'it'. We add, using animals as a human resource, treating them as a mere disposable commodity is not a good enough reason for taking the life of any sentient being.

In the end the slaughter of Shambo did nothing to prevent the threat of TB. Since the slaughter of Shambo there has been more TB outbreaks 'than ever before' in British 'cattle'.

It is a clear as the day is light, that the DEFRA's actions were less about eliminating the threat of TB or illnesses in animals, and more about maintaining public confidence in the safety and legitimacy of meat and dairy production. The same is true of its decision to massacre Britain's Badger population which that addition of 'flogging' them off to . As with the Badgers, Shambo did not present a significant threat to neighbouring animals let alone the beef and dairy industry, even if he was infected. Therefore, we can conclude that to a large extent that decision to slaughter Shambo and the pressure to do were racially motivated.

The action was about asserting English Political Power Rule and Authority over and above all else and exacerbating racial and religious tension between 'blacks and whites', or rather between communities of faith, (particularly Hindus), and those with vested interests in beef and dairy.

Despite attempts to look cosmopolitan and friendly to all, the Government, its legislators and the corporate state see and treat animals, people of faith, colour, disability and so forth as an 'underclass' or 'civil society'.

Therefore, as part of our objective we seek to abolish the property status of animals that animals will no longer be treated as mere human resource or commodity, and also to eradicate institutional racism and 'the' hierarchical power structure which enabled the provocative and unjustified slaughter of Shambo.

Full details about the events leading up to the murder of Shambo can be found on the Skanda Vale website.

A selection of videos can be viewed here on Youtube.

We still grieve for Shambo.

May peas be with you.

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