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Cheri Brink

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Raise Awareness For Kids In Foster Care

I have seen what these children go through day to day and the toll it takes on them. It's very sad. We need to work on improving the housing situations for them and trying to find better foster parents who are not just doing it for the money. My daughter does this for a living and I see the frustration but also the caring and sense of pride and achievement she has in her job. For her it is about taking care of those kids it's not just a job. I and my siblings could have so easily ended up in the system at any time while we were growing up that it makes me more sensitive to those that do. Please reach out and do what you can to help these children. They have feelings too.

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Chris N Kristen Tobin

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Raise Awareness For Kids In Foster Care

Children NEED people. My son is blessed and HAS people. I want EVERY CHILD to have what my son has. I want EVERY CHILD to be LOVED and BLESSED so those children, those babies, those teens, OUR FUTURE LEADER'S, will BREAK THE CHAIN'S of abuse, loneliness, failure, and worthlessness OFF OF THEMSELVES and THEIR children, and together YOU and I can help!

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